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I am Simon. Few years back life was boring and desperately needed to feel alive. I learnt longboarding! Now sharing my knowledge and experience to all who wants to be alive-and-kicking!


How to Take Good Care of Your Hunting Boots to Extend Their Life

By Simon / a couple of weeks ago

IntroductionNo hunter can thoroughly enjoy a hunt without a good pair of boots. After digging down the whole Internet thing and read hundreds of hunting boot reviews, I found the ideal boots for my feet. They have been with me for five hunting seasons.During that time, I realize it is as important as choosing the […]


How to Master Longboarding? Get 7 Best Longboarding Tips Now!

By Simon / last month

As a beginner, most of us (riders) have this issue – we got really no idea what exactly we are doing. It took me several years to get to where I can help you guys. Here, I am going to share some of the simple longboarding tips I wished somebody shared when I was getting […]


Did You Review the Top 10 of the Best Longboard and Skateboard Wheels of 2016?

By Simon / a few months ago

With so many varieties flooding the longboarding market, it gets extremely tricky to pick the best longboard wheels that suit your setup and style. They play the most important role in giving you a smooth and safe riding experience. It is the best part of your ride that controls your riding style and pace! They […]


Learn How To Slide On A Longboard Like An Expert

By Simon / a few months ago

Have you got your first longboard? Did you learn how to cruise on it? Did you try to slide on a longboard? What? You fell off the board and bruised your knee!! Oh! I am so sorry to hear that… I should have shared the ” how to slide on a longboard tutorial” long before. But as it says, better late than never. I am right here to tell you how you can actually slide on a longboard like a pro without bruising yourself.


Check Out the Basic Freestyle Longboarding Tricks

By Simon / 6 months ago

Freestyle longboarding is a creative way to express yourself. It is not about reaching your goal destination. It is all about moving and flowing as if you are dancing on your longboard. Perhaps, that is why it is also known as Longboard dancing. Apart from dancing this routine includes some manuals and crazy flips. Here […]


10 New Best Longboards & Skateboards Trucks in 2017 Full Reviews

By Simon / 7 months ago

Best Longboard & Skateboard Trucks in 2016 What are Best Longboard Trucks?Different Parts of the TrucksHow to Choose the Best Trucks for your longboard and skateboard?I. Choosing the Right Truck WidthII. Choosing Between Standard and RKP TrucksIII. Choosing the Right Trucks According to Your Riding Style5 Top Favorites for Best Longboard Trucks1. Caliber II Fifty […]


Best Hiking Backpack Reviews 2016

By Simon / 10 months ago

Home Blog Top Picks Deals Skateboarding Longboard Review Longboarding Tips Backpack  Best Hiking Backpacks 2016 – Buyer’s Guide  BY JOHN DOE, MAY 27, 2015 11:00 AM Whether be your plans this weekend, it is important you keep your backpack as light as possible. Lighter your bag, more you have fun on your trip or hike. […]


Difference Between Shortboard and Longboard

By Simon / 11 months ago

Hello, everybody!!! Hope you are enjoying your rocking time with your skateboard. Anyway, do you guys know the differences between longboard and shortboard? Most people mess up this 2 things with each other. And most people don’t know which is better for different purposes. So, let me help you to know the appropriate and accurate […]


Best Longboard Trucks – How to Select Them Yourself?

By Simon / last year

Do you love skateboarding? Yes? Then you should know about a skateboard’s physical properties and running mechanism. How a skateboard actually runs? What makes it run smoother? What a skateboard consists of? The wheels and trucks of the skateboard allow you to run on the road. So you can clearly understand that the riding quality […]

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