Best Hiking Backpacks 2016 - Buyer's Guide 

BY JOHN DOE, MAY 27, 2015 11:00 AM

Whether be your plans this weekend, it is important you keep your backpack as light as possible. Lighter your bag, more you have fun on your trip or hike. It’s the backpack making the BIG DIFFERENCE! Here, we picked the best hiking backpacks available in the market that you may find useful. Before you head out, don't forget to pick the winning best backpack for hiking with us:


Dakine Mission Backpack

Dakine Mission Backpack

Dakine Mission Backpack

ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Back Pack

ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Back Pack

ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Back Pack

8848 Unisex's Travel Hiking Backpack

8848 Unisex' s Travel Hiking Backpack Waterproof Material

8848 Unisex' s Travel Hiking Backpack Waterproof Material

North Face Jester

(Available in both Men's and Women's Version)

The North Face Jester

The North Face Jester

Osprey Packs Talon 11 Backpack

Osprey Packs Talon 11 Backpack

Osprey Packs Talon 11 Backpack

Storage Features

Fleece-lined side pockets, organizing pockets, adjustable camera block, board straps, padded laptop sleeve.

Separate hydration pocket, pull-down bow pocket at the bottom, external meshed pockets, huge front and main pockets, webbing system for lashing.

Zipped front pocket, main compartment divided into two sections (including a laptop sleeve) with 2 side pockets, nylon webbing.

Front pocket with organizing compartments including penholder, cardholder, 2 zippered compartments, 2 meshed side pockets.

Zippered panel and slash pocket in front, zipped pockets on the hip belt, external hydration sleeve, meshed side pockets, internal zippered mesh pocket, webbing in the front.

Stand Out

Vertical straps to tie up your board.

Unique pocket design to store varieties of rifles and bows.

Blazing orange rain cover.

Modern styling, magnetic pin clip for small pockets, metallic zip puller, main compartment with clinch top closure.

FlexVent shoulder straps, paracord to hook in rain jacket.



helmet attachment, pole attachment, multi-purpose design.


Perfect for short trip, hike, snowboarding, or camping.

Ideal for short hunting trips, hiking.

Daily use, schooling, short hiking, traveling.

Daily use, short trips, hiking, schooling,

Hiking, mountain biking, trail running.

Comfort Features

Adjustable shoulder, hip straps, sternum straps with padding.

Padded waist belt, load lifter belts, padded shoulder straps with good airflow.

Padded back panel, thick and cushioned straps.

Foam-molded FlexVent shoulder straps with chest straps.



back panel, BioStretch


shoulder straps.


600D polyester, 600D recycled PET fiber.

Made of Brushed Realtree Xtra HD material.

Polyester fiber and nylon webbing, lined with cotton-poly fiber.

600D polyester, 1200D polyester, 600D mini-ripstop.

70Dx100D Nylon Mini Shadow with 210D Nylon Block Dobby base.


25 Liters.

44 Liters.

21 Liters.

26 Liters.

11 Liters.

Editor Rating

4.7/5 Stars

4.7/5 Stars

4.6/5 Stars

4.7/5 Stars

4.8/5 Stars


1.5 Pounds.

4.1 Pounds.

2.2 Pounds.

1.15 to 2.1 Pounds.

1.3 Pounds.

This Dakine Mission 25l Backpack is an ideal gear for photographers who love to snowboard. It is super-stylish and a great pack for any kind of day mission you can think of.


a. Made of 600D polyester and 600D recycled PET fiber –durable, abrasion-resistant and environment-friendly.

b. Got a capacity of 25L – capacious to accommodate your important gears and rudiments.

c. Fleece-lined pockets at the side – easy-to-store your shades and goggles.

d. Organizer pockets to keep your gears organized.

e. Camera block with adjustable sections inside.

f. Padded laptop sleeve perfect for a 15-inch laptop.

g. Adjustable and padded shoulder and waist straps, amendable sternum belt providing maximum support and suspension.

h. Top entry – easy way to stuff in your gears.

i. Vertical carry straps for your board.

Dakine Mission Backpack

Dakine Mission Backpack

Dakine Mission Backpack

Dakine Mission Backpack

Why should you consider Dakine Mission 25L Backpack?

Adjustable compartments – It got several adjustable compartments that are primarily used to stack your camera. But, you can always use it differently. You can fit in a 15-inch Laptop without any difficulty. It could be a little tricky at first, but they stay in place once you get everything in.

Convenience – The Camera block got a couple of Velcro sections that lock it firmly with the backpack inside. It got a handle at the top to carry so you can also use it separately. Outside, it got three pockets, one with a cord and mesh to hold a water bottle and others to hold small gears.

Good support and suspension – It got solid padded straps for shoulder, waist and sternum keeping it secured while you hike, snowboard or camp out.

Awesome pricing – It got several models of varying styles that suit users' varying persona. All these come within a price range which is pocket-friendly to all.

Recommendation – It is countless to mention how recommended this backpack is among young adventure-lovers, photographers, snowboarders. With majority of its customers praising its excellent construction, convenience, space, it is definitely one of the best daypack for hiking!

The Good Stuff:

· Great design with various pattern and colors.

· Sturdy material – eco-friendly.

· Lightweight – 1.5 pounds.

· Vertical board straps.

· Small fleece-lined pockets to hold your shades and goggles.

· Padded adjustable shoulder straps, waist belts and sternum strap.

· Versatile backpack for sightseeing, hiking, snowboarding and even to school.

· Adjustable compartments can hold your DSLR and other essentials – even weight distribution.

· Separate laptop compartment to fit in a 15-inch laptop.

· Snug fit compartments keep the things in place.

The Bad Stuff:

· Some prefer the shoulder and chest straps to be rubberized like the waist belts.

· No separate water bottle pocket.

As the name suggests it is basically designed keeping bow hunters in mind. However, you can easily stack in a rifle! The best feature of this backpack is its pull-down bow pocket to cram away when not using. This versatile pack is going to make your next field adventure successful – 100% guaranteed!


a. The organizer pockets keep all your essentials and gear better structured.

b. Expandable bow pocket to carry your bow as well as gun more securely.

c. The front and main pockets are huge.

d. Cushioned waist belt with two pockets – comfortable and convenient.

e. Lashing system and webbing loops.

f. Separate pocket and port for hydration with central aluminum stay.

g. Includes Blaze Orange cover for protection in rain – great for outdoors.

h. Lower mesh pockets outside.

ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Back Pack

ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Back Pack

ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Back Pack

ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Back Pack

Why should you consider ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Back Pack?

Design – The ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit's pocket design is just perfect for various rifles and bows. Anchor and tuck the bow in the pocket to secure it. Put the butt of the rifle in the carrying pocket, then lash it for a firmer grip and it's done.

Front pocket – The pack showcases a 90O flip open front pocket with adjustable straps - very useful when you are hunting on a tree stand. It got several small compartments inside to store your goods neatly. Hung it onto a branch with the D-ring at its top. Open the front pocket and you get all your tools prearranged and ready-to-use.

Other compartments – The central compartment is spacious enough to store away all your goods. Separate pocket and port to keep you hydrated on-the-go. The best thing is that you don't have to drag the bottle out all the time to have a sip of water. All you need it a hydration bladder in your hydration port.

Useful straps - The straps are padded and adjustable to make it a right fit and facilitate maximum air flow. Load winching straps on the shoulder is an additional feature that you may find priceless. There are two zipper pockets on the waist belt to store your small important gadgets.

Orange rain cover – Underneath the pack, there is sliding pouch with a blazing orange cover to protect your backpack during those rainy hunting days. The color makes the camo pack detectable.

Pricing – Considering its quality Brushed Realtree Xtra HD material and other great features, it got a reasonable price tag. It totally worth it!

Recommendation – If you still have any second thought about this daypack, then check out how it has been appraised on Amazon. It has earned itself a reputation that you trust without a doubt.

The Good Stuff:

· Perfect backpack for bow/rifle hunting.

· Made of quality Brushed Realtree Xtra HD fabric, which is durable.

· Affordably priced.

· Padded straps and load lifting shoulder straps - convenient and comfortable.

· Spacious front pocket, large main compartment - plenty of storage.

· Perfect for a couple of days hunting trip.

· Ideal for both beginners and pro hunters.

The Bad Stuff:

· Insufficient storage for a week-long trip.

8848 Unisex's Travel Hiking Backpack

This is one of the best hiking backpack and very popular among people of all genders. This 21L backpack is inspired by modern mountaineering style, but spacious enough to hold all your valuable goods.


a. Made of polyester fabric and nylon webbing– absolutely waterproof.

b. Fleece-lined, fully padded laptop sleeve pocket – perfect for 15-inch laptop.

c. Magnetic pin clip closure for small pockets.

d. Clinch top closure for main compartment.

e. Stylish design, available in a wide range of colors.

f. Metal zip pullers, cotton-poly material lining.

8848 Unisex' s Travel Hiking Backpack Waterproof Material

8848 Unisex' s Travel Hiking Backpack Waterproof Material

8848 Unisex' s Travel Hiking Backpack Waterproof Material

8848 Unisex' s Travel Hiking Backpack Waterproof Material

Why should you consider 8848 Unisex's Travel Hiking Backpack?

Spacious – The backpack is large and spacious with zippered front pocket to store your wallet or couple of protein bars. Inside the main stringed compartment got two sections and two side pockets. The velour-lined rear section is designed to hold your 15-inch laptop while you can stuff in your clothes, textbooks, or other essential in the other compartment. You can carry a small bottle of water in the taller side pocket, while you can put in your phone or MP3 player in the other. There is an opening to pull the headphone out of the backpack.

Easy-to-use – The straps to tie the pockets got magnetic closures unlike the tradition buckles. It makes it easy-to-unfasten and lock the bag in no time.

Waterproof - The backpack is made of water-resistant polyester fabric. Further the consistent and firm stitches make sure that the seams don't split and leak water in. It is definitely going to keep your stuffs dry unless you submerge it!

Recommendation – One can hardly doubt its usability and popularity after looking at the feedback and rating it has earned on Amazon.

The Good Stuff:

· Design-wise it's simple yet stylish.

· Capacity of 21 litres.

· Lightweight – 1kg only.

· Made of Polyester material with nylon webbing – waterproof.

· Separate compartment to hold your 25-inch laptop securely.

· Perfect for a day's trip, quick hiking, travel, regular use, school.

The Bad Stuff:

· Fewer small compartments.

· Some didn't like the straps to close the top and bottom pockets. It is troublesome to secure the back on-the-move. One needs to stop, open and then close it properly.

The unisex North Face Jester has surprised everyone in the race of the best hiking backpacks. Not just, it is suitable for traveling, hiking, but even practical enough to be used on a daily basis. This is a stylish daypack available in various color combinations. Just throw in your important stuffs and you are good to go.


a. Made of 600D polyester, 1200D polyester, 600D mini-ripstop –water-resistant, durable.

b. Super-light; 1.8 pounds.

c. Shoulder strap made of FlexVent.

d. Strong chest-belt with a quick-release clasp.

e. Two large zipped compartments, front pocket, internal organizer sleeve.

f. Side mesh pocket to store your water bottle.

g. Best daypack for hiking if you are going out for a day.

The North Face Jester

The North Face Jester

The North Face Jester

The North Face Jester

Why should you consider The North Face Jester?

Convenience and comfort – The FlexVent shoulder bands make this one of the best hiking backpacks. With foam-molded inside, it is comfortable whenever you put this backpack on. It is comfortable, doesn't scuff your soft skin. The chest-straps keep the bag in place, assuring balance so that you can carry all your gears all day long without breaking your back.

Waterproof – The fabric used to make this backpack is 600D polyester which is 100% waterproof and soft. Being durable, it will perform the same way for a pretty long time.

Size – It is big and roomy ,but without any significant weight. It weighs just around 1.8 pounds. It got two huge zipped compartments to stash all your changes of clothes, heavy textbooks, laptops. The front pocket got organizing compartments to organize all your essentials With pen holder, cardholder, it is a perfect place to store all your important stuffs.

Constancy – It got a practical design with quality construction which makes it an extremely reliable daypack for varying uses. Whether you are going to school or hiking, you can be sure of one thing your bag is not going to bust your fun!

Recommendation – It has been well appreciated as an all-purpose bag for casual travelers. Its versatility has earned it great ratings and compliments. Check out the Amazon scoreboard.

The Good Stuff:

· Made of water-resistant 600D polyester material.

· Durable and solid construction.

· Two big compartments with internal organizing sections, 15-inch laptop sleeve.

· FlexVent Foam-molded inside shoulder straps for comfortable suspension.

· Two side mesh bottle holding pockets outside.

· Moderately priced.

· Outside paracord to hold your items.

· Lightweight; 1.8 pounds.

· Perfect a day out hiking, travelling and for regular use.

The Bad Stuff:

· Some find the shoulder straps a little uncomfortable and scratchy.

Osprey Packs Talon 11 Backpack

Osprey is an already established name when it comes to commuter backs. Whether it is for hiking, running or biking, Osprey has amused the sports –lovers with its amazing designs, cool features and performance. Osprey Talon 11 is one such daypack worth mentioning.


a. Lightweight just 1.8 pounds.

b. Perfect commuting bag whether hiking, or biking or riding.

c. Made of nylon – waterproof.

d. Hip straps with two zipped pockets for additional storage.

e. Spill-proof hydration sleeve outside in the back for quick refilling.

f. Main compartment is large with wide opening for easy access.

g. Slit pocket in the front keeps the small stuffs organized and in place.

h. More mesh pockets inside.

i. Secure your helmet with your backpack with LidLockTM when not riding.

j. AirscapeTM back panel facilitate ventilation and supports your back.

k. Adjustable sternum belt with buckle.

Osprey Packs Talon 11 Backpack

Osprey Packs Talon 11 Backpack

Osprey Packs Talon 11 Backpack

Osprey Packs Talon 11 Backpack

Why should you consider Osprey's Talon 11 Backpack?

Construction – It got a nice and sturdy construction. Made of light and strong fabric, it just perfect for riding with. The hip-belt and the chest-belt keep the bag in position and stable. The slim shape is ideal and self-effacing.

Spacious – The main compartment of the bag got a huge capacity of up to 11-litres depending upon the size options. It can easily swallow your jackets, spares, shoes, gears, even a first aid kit! The hydration compartment is big enough to take in a 100-ounce hydration bladder. It also got a hook to keep the bladder standing as you drink from it. Plus, it got a bungee system outside in case you want to hang something else.

Comfort – The straps are of good quality contributing to your comfort carrying it. To add to it, the bag got AirscapeTM back panel. Further, it keeps your back cool and dry.

Value – It comes at a price range that won't break your bank. With all the upgrades, clever design, lightweight, storage, high performance, it sounds like a bonanza.

Recommendation – You won't be surprised to see how Osprey's Talon 11 is doing on Amazon. No explanations required!

The Good Stuff:

· Spacious, brawny construction.

· Lightweight, easy-to-carry.

· Perfect for a day trip.

· Useful bungee system in front.

· Decently priced.

· Easy-to-use hydration compartment.

The Bad Stuff:

· Available in 2 sizes only.

· Not ideal for long hikes.

And The Winner Is..?

We have picked the best of the best hiking backpacks for you. Depending on the purpose you can make your pick. If your preference is stylish and multi-purpose backpack with an inexpensive price tag, then you can consider Dakine Mission, New Face Jester or 8848Unisex Travel Backpack. Dakine Mission would be useful if you are a photographer cum snowboarder. However, if you want a good and appropriate backpack for bow hunting, then consider ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit.

Osprey Packs Talon 11 Backpack

Osprey Packs Talon 11 Backpack


Again, if you are looking for something super versatile, durable, spacious with hydration port, then you have only one name: Osprey's Talon 11 Backpack.

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