Best Longboards 2016 - Buyer's Guide

BY SIMON, MAY 27, 2016 11:00 AM

Right from school, I had a passion for longboards. Surfing, carving, those tricks; it has never been a sweet journey. Most of the time I returned home with skinned knees, cuts and so on. But, never stopped. It got some magnetism that only longboard enthusiasts can feel. I used to save my pocket money to get different longboards. Today, I am supposed to pick the best longboards 2016. So, I picked 5 of my favorite boards. Me and my TSB buddies would take turns riding them to provide you with an exhaustive compilation of the top longboards reviews.


Editor choice


4/5 Stars

4.3/5 Stars

4.5/5 Stars

4.8/5 Stars

5/5 Stars


41 inch (L).

46 inch (L), 9.5 inch (W), 32.35 inch (WB).

40 inch (L), 10 inch (W).

42 inch (L), 9.6 inch (W), 31.5 inch (WB).

41 inch (L), 9.6 inch (W).


8.99 pounds


7 pounds

8 pounds

8.99 pounds


Maple laminate.

7-ply Maple wood with walnut veneer.

Maple wood.

5-ply renewable bamboo.

Maple laminate.

Grip tape

80S grip tape.

Clear grip tape made of crushed recycled glass.

Rasta striped Santa Cruz grip tape.

Clear grip tape.

80S grip tape.

Unique features

Perimeter shaped longboard with low center of gravity – stable.

Pintail shaped with top-mounting deck. Low-center of gravity - stable even a high-speed.

Low center of gravity – stable.

Good flex.

Drop through mounting with low center of gravity – stable and safe.

Mild flex.

Low drop deck style with low center of gravity – stable.


ABEC 9 bearings.

ABEC 5 Bearings

Sana Cruz ABEC 9 bearings.

ABEC 5 PDP bearings with 1.5" toughened steel bolts.

ABEC 9 bearings.


40 degree RKP trucks with 245mm axles.

Recommended Caliber 50 10" trucks.

Road Rider 180 trucks.

10" Gullwing Charger trucks.

RKP trucks with 245mm axles.


Wide-Lip 70x51mm SHR urethane wheels.

SI Summit 71mm 78a wheels, Wheels color may vary

Road Rider 75mm 78a urethane wheels.

74mm Nineball wheels.

Wide-Lip 70x51mm SHR urethane wheels.


Cruising, downhill riding.

Perfect for cruising, commuting and carving.

Not ideal for performing tricks, carving cruising, bombing down a hill.

Downhill riding, cruising.

Carving, cruising, downhill riding, long distance riding. Great for both newbie and pro riders.

best longboard brands 2015

Atom boards need no introduction. Atom Drop Through Longboard is one strong contender in the race of best longboards. It comes with a 41-inch maple deck that looks stylish. It got great stability, making it perfect for downhill rides or even leisure cruising. The exclusive perimeter-shaped longboard with 80S grip tape gives you 9.6" of leverage while you make those turns.

Together with 40 degree Reverse King Pin trucks, 245mm axles, Wide-Lip 70x51mm SHR urethane wheels and ABEC 9 bearings, it promises high performance. Further, it guarantees no wheel bite. You are definitely going to have an excellent time riding it.

Even for us, it was super-smooth ride. Just an effortless push and it left everything behind!

  • Offers immense stability
  • Low lying deck for high-end performance
  • Maple deck with full lamination
  • Axles of 245 mm
  • 70x51 mm wide wheels
  • 9 bearings

Check out our detailed Atom Drop-Through Longboard review here

The Good Stuff:

· The laminated deck got some stylish graphic on it, which is a selling point in itself.

· Being symmetrical, it doesn't matter, which is the front.

· The Wide-Lip urethane wheels are durable and prevent wheel bites.

· Made of maple wood – meant to be durable. I have bumped mine for several times, but it is still going strong.

· Best for cruising around the town, downhill riding.

· You get the total worth of your money.

The Bad Stuff:

· May have a bit of sliding issues.

· Newbie won't mind the sliding issues. But, professionals may find it quite frustrating.

· Need to grease the trucks to prevent screeching sounds while turning.

· The trucks are seen to wear off early in comparison to other longboards.

4/5 Stars


This high performance longboard is definitely worth your money, it is a durable product, which will fetch you the finest longboarding experience of your life. Consumers who have bought this product seem to love every bit of their experience with it. Reviews suggest that most of them loved this longboard.

The final best longboards entrant for downhill riding and cruising purpose is maple wood Atom Drop Deck Longboard. It got a low deck with a dimension of 41 inches in length, 9.6 inches in width and 4.7 inches in height. The drop deck style lowers the center of gravity, increasing stability and balance while riding downhill.

Enjoy long distance longboarding with an easy push. Look-wise, it is a sweet-looking board with some amazing graphics at the bottom. Best part, it doesn't peel off as it is prayed on it. With RKP longboard trucks with 245mm axles, ABEC 9 bearings, 70x51 Wide-Lip SHR urethane wheels with 80S grip tape, it is a gorgeous board performing amazingly.

Designed to prevent any wheel bites, it is perfect for carving, cruising and downhill riding. Whether you are new to longboarding or a pro rider, you would definitely enjoy riding it.

Review Summary:

All in all the Drop Deck Longboard by Atom Longboards is a board fit for beginning long boarders and long boarders that find safety and handling more important than maximum speed. Unfortunately the board does require a fair amount of maintenance to ensure a safe ride and a solid performance from the longboard. But when the board is in top condition and used properly you will enjoy the experience.

The Good Stuff:

· Maple laminated deck with sprayed graphics – looks beautiful.

· Drop mounting longboard maximizes stability – perfect for carving during downhill riding. I have never found anything so stable. I remember racing downhill on it and I was first.

· Matchless perimeter shape of the board offers 9.6" of leverage while carving.

· Comes with no wheel bite guarantee.

· Great maneuverability – ideal for long distance riding.

· RKP trucks, ABEC 9 bearings, 80S grip tape – allows you to carve faster.

· Soft 70x51mm Wide-Lip SHR urethane wheels – offering smooth ride on rough surface.

· Ideal for riders with all levels of expertise.

The Bad Stuff:

· Sufficient amount of grip tape.

· Too much of sliding can leave blots on the soft wheels.

The list of best longboards 2016 is incomplete without Sector 9 Drop-Thru Lookout II Green Wave Complete Downhill Longboard, which is made of 5-ply of renewable bamboo and camber mold with clear grip tape. It absorbs all the cracks and rocks. Drop Through mounting and low center of gravity facilitate stability and effortless pushing around the walkway. That is something you can find only in some of the top longboards.

Sector 9 Drop-Thru Bamboo LookoutII Green Wave Complete Downhill Longboard

Sector 9 Drop-Thru Bamboo LookoutII Green Wave Complete Downhill Longboard

It is 42-inch long, 9.6" wide along with a good wheelbase of 31.5". It got a sturdy construction with together with 10" Gullwing Charger trucks, 74mm Nineball wheels, ABEC 5 PDP bearings and 1.5" toughened steel bolts. It is safe, stable and easy-to-control; in short you are going to ride it like a dream.

We have reviewed this amazing Sector 9 earlier. You can check it right there.

Review Summary:

Drop-Thru Green Wave long board from Sector 9 is one precisely made standard board that eases the urban riding for its user. This product uses all the quality and authentic components developed especially by Sector 9 itself.

The Good Stuff:

· Made of bamboo – stable, sturdy, long-lasting, with mild flexibility.

· Weighs mere 8 pounds.

· Being 42" it is easy-to-control.

· The trucks can carve – ideal for downhill riding.

· High quality hardware, wheels, trucks, bearings.

· Beautiful graphics giving retro feel with clear grip tape.

· Smooth and safe riding.

· Perfect for cruising as well as bombing down the hill.

Sector 9 Drop-Thru Bamboo LookoutII Green Wave Complete Downhill Longboard

Sector 9 Drop-Thru Bamboo LookoutII Green Wave Complete Downhill Longboard is perfect for cruising as well as bombing down the hill

The Bad Stuff:

· Doesn’t offer sharp turns on smooth ground.

· Bearings are of good quality, but not the best one available in the market.

· A bit steep for the novice longboarders.

This Santa Cruz Drop Thru Longboard is a marvelous 40-inch longboard that has mesmerized everyone with its Rasta Striped grip tape and top-notch performance. Unsurprisingly, it is counted among the best longboards.

All the parts of this longboard are manufactured by Santa Cruz including the ABEC9 rated bearings and grip tape. It got 75mm 78a wheels and 180 trucks, both from Road Rider to suit various riding environments. Whether you are freeriding, cruising, downhill riding or carving, it is going to be very useful. It is stable as well as effortless to ride for years.

No doubt, why it is counted among the top longboards!

Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru Cruzer Freeride Complete Longboard

Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru Cruzer Freeride Complete Longboard

Review Summary

Santa Cruz is in this business for 40 years and no one knows the market better than them. This Lion God Rasta cruzer from Santa Cruz is a beauty to look for, which blends the featured components and amazing design for the users. This board provides a fast cruising experience downhill.

The Good Stuff:

· Appealing graphics with Rasta Lion on the bottom. Available in vibrant red, yellow and green.

· Sturdy and lightweight (7 pounds).

· Durable. I have been using it for years.

· Offers good flexibility.

· Santa Cruz hardware, trucks and bearings for utmost performance.

· Low center of gravity for improved stability.

· Ideal for cruising, carving, downhill riding, freeriding.

· Doesn’t quiver even at high-speed.

The Bad Stuff:

· Some has reported bubbles under the grip tape near the wheels. Seems it is a manufacturing defect. But, doesn't affect the ride.

· Unfortunately, one cannot perform great tricks with this board.

For those who are stepping into the world of longboarding and looking for a good carver check out Arbor Timeless Longboard Complete, Walnut makes an excellent choice. This cruiser board is best if you are planning to use it for basic traveling, carving and cruising. Whether you are going to your class or planning to give your car a day off – you will certainly enjoy riding this longboard.

Now, if you are having numerous questions reckoning at the back of your mind, then take a look at its features mentioned below;

Reviews Summary 

Beginners who used this loved the wooden finish and the medium flexibility that it offers. Sturdy platform, low center of gravity; seems this deck got everything on its side to please the riders. An experienced rider even tried riding it on the crack-filled roads of Philadelphia and rated an Arbor Timeless Pin ride as a best ride ever.


Look & Build – When it comes to the look, Artist Matt Smith did a spectacular job – traditional pintail shape with a classic wooden walnut veneer. Though the shape is pretty, but it is 46” long, 9.50” wide with an extensive wheelbase of 32.25" providing a wider platform for the rider to rest his front foot. It is a top-mounted deck that weighs around 8.82 pounds.

This deck is made using seven Maple plies with a premium Walnut top with environmental water-based sanding fasteners. The manufacturer of this Arbor Timeless Longboard did a great job producing a lucid grip with crushed and recycled glass.

Stability & Easy – With a long wheelbase of 32.25”, it offers a stable and comfortable ride around the sharp corners even at a high-speed. It facilitates deep carving and smooth cruising along the streets and hills. Flexibility-wise you can achieve medium flex while surfing those curves. Being stable, it is also easy to control the pace. Just an effortless push and you are cruising smooth ahead. However, it may not be a good idea to perform tricks on this rigid board.

Recommended trucks and wheels – Not only Arbor Timeless Longboard is stunningly gorgeous, but also it comes complete with some of the best parts. It got fitted with Arbor Sucrose Initiative - Summit Series 71mm 78a Wheels along with 10” Fifty Caliber trucks, ABEC 5 bearings and Blood Orange 89a HR bushings. If you are addicted to longboarding then you are definitely going to love it. However, one should remember one thing that the wheels colors may be different that you saw in the picture while placing the order.

We have thoroughly reviewed it earlier. You can check that here.

The Good Stuff:

· 7-ply Maplewood top-mounted longboard deck with walnut veneer.

· Being 46" long, 9.5" wide along with a wheel base of 32.25", it is secured and comfy to ride.

· Constructed with eco-friendly means.

· Clear grip tape adds to its beauty.

· Ideal ride for casual commuting, cruising, carving.

· Effortless to push and stable during deep carving.

· Smooth on crack-filled road. I didn't feel any of them.

The Bad Stuff:

  • Not ideal for performing tricks and dancing

And The Winner Is..?

What a race! None is less than the other! Atom Drop-Through Longboard is a good and durable ride if you are a newbie. While Arbor Timeless and Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru Cruzer Freeride Longboards are comfortable rides for casual commuting. However, don't try to perform tricks on them. They are not meant for it. Sector 9 Drop-Thru Lookout II Green Wave Complete Downhill Longboard is one board that expert riders would prefer. It's smooth, stable and easy-to-control. All of them are good for cruising, downhill riding, but one is a clear winner; Atom Drop Deck Longboard! It's perfect for bombing down a hill, cruising! But, what makes it a standout is its maneuverability. Riding long distance without any discomfort is only possible with this board. Further, it doesn't have any sliding issues. Carving is super-smooth on it. Boon, perfect for both tyro as well as advanced riders!

Team TSB recognizes Atom Drop Deck as the best of the best longboards 2016 for every longboard lovers.




Atom Drop Deck Longboard (41-Inch) is the best longboards 2016

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Must Read :

Buying Guide

If you are buying a longboard for the first time, it may seem like a task especially when there are so many best longboard in the market. Following are pointers explaining step-by-step procedure to buy the best longboard.

  • Look for the Best Longboard - it is an obvious fact that the markets are filled with umpteen longboard brands, but the task is to narrow it down to the best longboard . You can do so with some research work on the internet. The World Wide Web provides you with information on all kinds of products and services, longboards being no exception.
  • Knowing What You Want from the Longboard- it so happens that people overlook this criterion before buying a longboard and if unsatisfied they do not know the reason behind it. Some longboards do perfect cruising while the others are meant for the skate park. In addition to this, they come in different sizes as well. Therefore, you have to know what you expect from a skateboard and choose accordingly.
  • Consult a Friend- when you are part of a friend circle where many are into longboarding, you can seek advice from them on picking the best longboard for you. Surely not every longboard is going to be the best longboard for you. Therefore, knowing the basics about it, noting what they have to suggest, including that in your quest for the best longboard for you is definitely a good idea.
  • Shape- next important criteria in picking the most suitable longboard is to go in for the best shape. You are bound to enjoy your experience with longboards only when you get to the right shape. There are different shapes in longboards, as mentioned earlier. You get to choose from pintail, hybrid, drop through deck design etc.
  • Length of the Longboard- while you have the brand and other basic criteria set, work on an essential criteria associated with picking a longboard, which is its length. Balance plays a vital role while using longboards and it is vastly associated with length. You must note that with the length increasing, maneuverability will be decreasing. Therefore, know of your potential and choose the right length.
  • Width- while length holds immense importance, the same goes with the width as well. For people with big feet, you at least need a 9-inch wide board. So, make sure you settle for the right width.
  • Flex- while many thing stiff longboards are most suitable, the fact is contradictory to it. In fact, you need flex boards because you do not feel the bumps as much as you would feel on stiff boards. Secondly, heavy built must look for suitable flex boards as they are usually limited options for it as compared to light weight people.
  • Design- you must pick a longboard that appeals to you the most. Given that longboards generally come with graphics on it, you have umpteen designs or artwork to choose from. Therefore make sure you pick the best of the lot.

Different Types of Longboards

Before heading on to more details pertaining to different kinds of longboards, it is vital to note that longboards come in different types. First kind is the pintail design, which is more like a teardrop that offers you a smooth ride. Secondly, another popular design is drop through deck design, where in the deck is positioned in a manner that the installed trucks help you cruise along. Thirdly, the hybrid boards come with wheel cutouts, which allow you to sail through the turnings especially with the razor sharp angles.

Who Uses These Type Of Products?

Longboards are meant for everyone who likes to cruise on a plank with wheels attached to it. Surely, most of the youngsters opt for longboards but some professionals who have been longboarding for years and these are the ones who are very particular of choosing the right longboard. With the different kinds available in the market, it may seem right to know of the different type of products under this category and choose the one that suits your needs, requirements and your personality.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Longboards


Longboarding is a fun filled activity; most kids are hooked onto it only for the fun element it generates. However, besides fun, you can reap some benefits from the activity.

Helps You Cover Short Distance Quickly

If you are a pro at longboarding, or even manageable with it, you can meet short distances in no time and with skillfully. For instance, if you need to fetch something for the nearby store, you don’t have to walk or jump on or in any vehicle. Longboard can be the perfect means to go back and forth with much ease.

Enhances Cardio Activity

A very suitable health benefit from longboarding is that you can enhance your cardiovascular activity with the help of this activity. While moving on it, it allows your body to strengthen both your lung as well as heart capacity. While you are pushing through the board, you are in turn benefiting your body. Therefore, it builds your stamina and keeps your heart and lungs healthy.

Helps You Experiment

As you know, longboarding comes with some kinds of tricks and mostly all kinds like to experiment with it. With best longboards, you can be certain of getting a good quality product, using which you can do all the tricks you can without any hassle.


As far as disadvantages are concerned, there is no downsides associated with longboards. Certainly if the quality and other primary aspects of longboards are not up to the mark, then it can be a disadvantage and cause problems to the user.

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