Sector 9 Bamboo Drop-Thru Green Wave Lookout II Complete Downhill Longboard

Sector 9 Bamboo Drop-Thru Green Wave Lookout II Complete Downhill Longboard
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Review Summary:

Drop-Thru Green Wave long board from Sector 9 is one precisely made standard board that eases the urban riding for its user. This product uses all the quality and authentic components developed especially by Sector 9 itself. Read on further to collect the complete details and faqs of this Longboard.


Sector 9 longboard, The Drop-Thru Lookout Bamboo Green Wave IISector 9 Bamboo Drop-Thru Green Wave Lookout II Complete Downhill Longboard is a highly rated premium longboard that has a length of 42 inches. The board is made from 100% renewable bamboo with CNC drop across the assembly. The rides on 10-inch longboard Gullwing Charager trucks and 74mm Nineball wheels. The use of wheels 74mm rather than 70mm wheels commonly used longboard allows to reach faster speeds required in the downhill slopes. The following is a list of key features that make this area stand out board 9.


The map measures 42 inches long and 9.6 inches wide, and 31.5 inches of wheel base. Additionally, longboarding has abec 5 bearings, hardened steel bolts 1.5 inches, and wheels with 74mm Nineball the hardness of 78A.

Feature products

The first thing you notice about Lookout II is its high quality construction. This council consists of 5 bamboo ply, which was rolled upright for increased durability in all conditions.

This bamboo platform boasts of a drop through design, giving the board a lower center of gravity for optimum stability. The board is quite rigid, even if it allows flexibility for jumping and shooting becomes easier for you.

Bamboo building board also ensures that when riding over rough terrain with rocks, bumps and cracks, the shock will be absorbed to keep you safe on your board. The quality of riding with this longboard is certainly like no other.


Best advantage 

One thing you should always look for in a board is its ability to grow with you. After all, if you make an investment longboard when you are just a beginner, it will be beneficial if you can still use this advice when your skill level has increased.

In addition, this reliable card is great for cruising, downhill slopes, sliding and free-riding, making it the perfect companion for longboard a diverse group of riders.

Who need it most? When?

New drivers and advanced users will like this area has for 9 longboards because the design is versatile. Anyone who wants a longboard will benefit from the unique design ensures that there is no rub wheels, which can ultimately lead to a longer board. Bamboo design is both lightweight and durable, and can provide a smooth ride even on the roughest terrain.

The handle ensures that riders have a firm grip on the board, so trust can be achieved in any situation, either for cruising or for tricks of the stage. A significant amount of distance can be covered on this forum and that is ultimately why users buy. The platform design with nose and tail suddenly offer some options for riders who want more than just a board for cruising and carving, which allows people to grow with the board as skills improve.

Pros and Cons


Large trucks Robust and compact design Versatile riding Powerful grip Drop includes CNC Mont Thanks Bamboo bridge slightly flex Deck is rigid and can withstand a heavy load Green Wave beautiful graphics Affordable Smooth ride The clear positioning of the handle provides secure feet for safe riding.


Some customers complained that they received white rims, although the green wheels longboard announced. Bearings may need to be upgraded for better performance.

Customer Reviews Summary 

  • It may not turn very tight, it’s just obviously with kicktail you can take a turn if you slow down.
  • It is a perfect card for riding smoothly through the streets of your city
  • The strength and durability of the products are felt by its users in terms of strong aluminum truck, carrying and wheels.
  • The looks of the board are taken chic and enjoyable.

Installation Handbook – Install, FAQ


Installing and setting up the skateboard has no science. You just need to follow the instructions in the manual.

To assemble the board, you should first check your room with the given list. After confirming that uncover the card and remove the plastic sheet glued on the map. Place the adhesive strip on the board and the paste such that there is no air molecule between grip tape and advice. Once the grip tape is cut, you could see the actual shape of the platform with limits around the side of the bridge. Please use a cutting device to cut grip tape following the shape of the platform.

You get bearings for each wheel. Fix these two bearings in each wheel and repeat the same process with the other wheels. Now place the bolts and nuts on the deck and tighten. You would have four holes in the head and four at the end of the platform to place the nuts and bolts. The other ends of these bolts are tightened to trucks. After it puts the wheels on the truck and tighten all bolts and nuts. These are generic steps for all skateboards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Difference between this version II and the 2015 model: –

There is no difference other than graphics. The element shown here is the model 2014.

What type of trucks come with the board: –

The longboard sector 9 comes with 9-inch black Gullwing Charger trucks, which are very effective.

Final Verdict

Opening the sector 9 Sidewinder drop through longboard is superior longboard that is suitable for many different driving styles. One of its main features is the inclusion of the Gullwing Sidewinder trucks is one of the most efficient trucks on the market. The combination of the components of this longboard allows for smooth driving experience, stable and highly reactive.So if the driver describes their feelings, one found the perfect longboard for his needs.

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