Check Out the Basic Freestyle Longboarding Tricks

Freestyle longboarding is a creative way to express yourself. It is not about reaching your goal destination. It is all about moving and flowing as if you are dancing on your longboard. Perhaps, that is why it is also known as Longboard dancing. Apart from dancing this routine includes some manuals and crazy flips. Here is a video of a Korea girl Ko Hyojoo dancing on her longboard;

Basic Freestyle Tricks

Before we share some Freestyle Longboarding tips, we are going to check some of the popular flips and manuals performed these days.

1. Cross-Step

Cross-step is the basic element of freestyle riding. Once you master this trick you remove the first pebble out of your way if a freestyle ride. It makes you more stable and more comfortable as a freestyle rider. Check out this Cross-Step Video tutorial by Steve J.

2. Peter Pan

It is an elementary dancing part of freestyle longboarding. First, you start with the cross-step trick with your front leg. Now with your back leg go around of your front leg and step on the other side of the longboard. Now you legs are crossed. Keep your feet parallel and balance with your hands. Do it as many times you want, until your back foot is in the front crossed. Now take a step with your front foot and put it in the middle. You need to shift your bodyweight constantly onto the edge. Practice hard to make it smooth and look like a dancing step. Confused? Check out the video tutorial.

3. Nose Manual

Before you try out more tricks master the one basic ones like Nose-Manual. You really need to work hard and balance yourself on one foot for this. First of all, you need to place your foot properly. Place your front foot towards the nose, better on top of the front truck. Now put all your pressure on your front foot so the back of the longboard goes in the air. Now give a shove, so that you move forward. Remember you need to balance yourself as like you are a one-legged longboard rider.

Check out the video tutorial of how you can actually perform a classic Nose Manual.

4. G-Turn

You need good balance on your ride for this trick. As the name suggests it is a "G" turn. Place your feet in nose manual position. You can increase the angle of your front foot as well and ride in a half circle. Simultaneously, lift the back wheels and turn your frame in the direct of the motion and finish it with a pivot. You need to control the entire arc with your own body. Don't miss out the demonstration in this video tutorial.

5. Chop the Wood

Again another great trick to start out with. It is simple you just need to jump on your on foot with the other out in front. Check out how Adam irritated Henry with his awesome Chop the Wood trick in this video.

6. Ghostride

It is all about jumping off and on the board… Keep your feet at a shoulder width distance between the trucks. Now take a step with your front foot and place it the middle at a right angle to your left feet. Now take your back foot around your front leg and jump off the board. Here you are using your front foot to push the longboard forward while jumping off it. This push will keep it going alongside you. As you land on your back foot, your right foot will go around it and hop on the board followed by the other foot.

7. Pivot

Pivot is all about turning 180 degrees on the front wheels. First get into the nose manual position with your back foot in the middle. Now slightly shift your weight on your front foot so the back wheel goes up in the air. Swing your hands, it would turn your frame. Your entire body along with the board will be following your lead on its own. Now your back foot is in the front. Shift some weight onto it. Now your switch and ride.

Awesome isn't it? Check out the video tutorial as well.

Okay, so these have been a few tricks to help you start dancing on your longboards. Don’t forget to wear the protective gears before your start practicing. Apart from the helmet and the kneecaps, try wearing Hillybilly Impact Shorts. You really do need to protect your hip as riders are more likely to fall on their back. We will be back with more exciting tricks, manuals, and combo tricks, but meanwhile, you master the ones we have shared in this article.

Happy Longboarding! J

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