How to Ride a Longboard?

What’s up, guys? Today I’m gonna tell you how to ride a longboard properly. Hope it may help you if you are an absolute beginner or done a little practicing with a longboard. Before starting, keep in mind that I’ve described the step by step process of riding a longboard theoretically. This article will guide you the riding process. But you must need to keep practicing to learn it. And remember, you can’t be a perfect longboarder unless you practice regularly.

Gear up, we are ready to start

So, let’s go through the riding process directly. But before that, make sure to wear the safety gears to stay safe from injury. Especially, don’t forget to wear the helmet.

STEP 1: Figure out which foot is better for front facing

How to Ride a Longboard?

If you don’t know which foot is better for forward facing to get perfect control and comfort there is few way to figure it out. Bellow I’ve provided two easiest way to figure it out.

1. Keep a ball or something soft in front of you. Now, kick it. Choose the foot you used to kick the ball as front facing.

2. Lay down on the surface. Now, get up. Choose the foot you have used first for getting up as the front facing to lead the longboard.

People who use right foot for forward facing is called goofy. And who use left foot is called regular.

STEP 2: Learn about standing and basic foot placement

How to Ride a Longboard?

Now, try to stand on the deck and get the basic stance while standing. Place your feet on the deck between the trucks and keep a shoulder-width distance between them. Keep your front foot at a 45-degree angle. And keep your back foot slightly forward at a few degree angle.

That’s it, you’ve learned the basic foot placement method on a longboard. It is the basic stance on a longboard for the beginners. You can get your own stance instead of this after riding a little.

Another thing, don’t place your back foot right on the truck if it is your first time. Doing so will put much weight on the back and the deck will flip up.

STEP 3: Push with your back foot to ride the longboard

How to Ride a Longboard?

Pushing is the only way to ride a longboard on a plain surface. For pushing, place your back foot on the ground and simply push to roll your longboard. After gaining enough speed, put your foot back on the deck. If you want to get fast speed quickly, you can push repeatedly few times. You can also give a big push to gain fast speed quickly.

Most people use their back foot for pushing. But, few people use their front foot. This style is known as mongo. The mongo is suitable for a short skateboard but it is not recommended for longboarders. But, you can still try it if you feel comfort.

STEP 4: Find a gentle slope for practice balancing and downhill

How to Ride a Longboard?

Now, find a gentle slope to learn downhill and balancing on your board. Now, get on the board and try to ride down the slope. You can give a gentle push to roll your board. But if it is your first time, don’t give any push. Let the gravity pull you down and try to maintain your balance. Keep practicing to learn balance. This practice is helpful for riding downhill.

STEP 5: Learn turning or carving

How to Ride a Longboard?

For turning or carving you just need to lean your foot with pressure on the side you want to turn. The turning speed depends on how much pressure you have given. If you give more pressure you can turn quickly. But there is a risk of getting wheel bite if you give much pressure for turning/carving. There are 2 different carving methods and they are described bellow:

Heel edge carving: Lean on the heel edge while turning the board is known as heel edge carving. In this method, the board will turn through the direction of your heels.

Toe edge carving: It is the opposite method of toe edge. In this process, all you need to do is lean on the toe edge instead of the heel. The board will turn according to the direction of your shoes.

Both processes are suitable for turning and carving. You can choose any one of them.

STEP 6: Practice stopping and braking

How to Ride a Longboard?

Foot braking is the simplest method to stop or brake a longboard. You just need to place your foot (Back foot is recommended) on the ground and keep dragging to stop the longboard. You can also reduce the speed by slightly dragging with your foot on the ground.

But, Footbraking may damage your shoe and it is not recommended to use in fast speed. There are few different method for stopping or braking a longboard. You can learn about all the stopping and braking processes from this article-“How to stop a longboard.”

Few more things at the end

Finally, these 6 steps are the basic concepts of riding a longboard. After dealing with those basic steps, you can go to the advanced level of longboarding like doing slides, quick turns, and tricks. There is also few important tips articles in our blog to help you learning longboarding/skateboarding. So, browse our blog to get more help. And make sure to keep practicing regularly to become an expert rider.

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