Learn How To Slide On A Longboard Like An Expert

How To Slide on a Longboard Like an Expert?

Have you got your first longboard? Did you learn how to cruise on it? Did you try to slide on a longboard? What? You fell off the board and bruised your knee!! Oh! I am so sorry to hear that… I should have shared the " how to slide on a longboard tutorial" long before. But as it says, better late than never. I am right here to tell you how you can actually slide on a longboard like a pro without bruising yourself.

So are wondering why is it so important to master the skill of sliding? Is it a trick? What is it? So, first thing first! Yes, it is a very important and an ideal technique of stopping your longboard. If you are riding down a hill, sliding is the foremost trick you need to perform especially if you need to stop short Here you need to pull the board you so that the wheels move substantially without grasping the roadway.

There are different ways to slide; all of them are fine. But the most popular slide is the Coleman slide named by Cliff Coleman famous for inventing it in the 1970's. it is regarded as the best slide for newbie longboarders. Other slides would be a piece of cake once you master this slide. Check out what Cliff Coleman says about this slide:

Things that You Need

Make a note of the things that you will need for sliding down a hill is extremely dangerous. Make safety your first priority. Wear all the safety gears including the sliding gloves. It helps you to put your hand on the road and balance yourself, control the speed without hurting yourself. It helps you to brake. Therefore, in short, you will need the following things;

• Helmet

• Knee pads

• Elbow pads

• Wrist guards

• Sliding gloves

• Longboards

Where and When You Should Be Trying to Slide

Well, you have several choices where you can slide yourself and it doesn't matter much. So, it could an empty parking lot with ample space for you to gain some momentum and slide. Again a semi-steep hill would work great. It naturally builds up your pace and the ends gives you enough room to slide. Basically, it doesn't matter where you are learning to slide as long as you are able to amplify your speed and a room of 15 to 30 feet to glide.

I suggest you slide on a wet day or after a small shower. The wetness lets you slide with much ease as compared to a dry day. However, it would ruin your longboard bearings. Come out let's get started if you are okay with a wrecked pair of bearings.

Downhill Slide / Coleman Slide Guide

Step 1. It is recommended to learn this on a not-so-steep-hill, or a parking lot with good space. Gear up for the slide.

Step 2. Now ride your longboard at a moderate pace. Thrust it for 8 times with your one foot. Now place both of your feet on the board and shoulder-length distance. Both of your legs should be at both the ends of the board. Now bend your knees a little.

Step 3. As you bend, squat down a little and slant forward. Swing most of your weight to your front and get ready to slide.

Step 4. Rest one hand on the middle of the board, amid your legs. Now try to reach the ground on your back with your other hand. You need to touch the ground of the side your heels are.

Step 5. Draw out your body and stretch more as you begin to slide. Now there is an important role that your sliding gloves play; it creates friction against the ground and stops the board. You can always look behind over your front shoulder as if you are checking out your rear. You board should glide and stop in a 90ᵒ angle. Just make sure your hips goes with the motion of the board, then everything else.

Step 6. Practice, for it, would never be perfect in one go. Knock down a few basic Coleman slides, then work on to perfect it into a beautiful one.

Coleman Slide Video Tutorial

Check out the video tutorial of downhill sliding, the father of all slides.

Perfecting the Slide

Now you need to perform it at a higher speed. Then try to glide and perform an 180ᵒ slide. This will cut your pace into half at which you can easily ride ahead. As you play around, you can figure out your own unique way .

Playing It Big

Once you master it, just find out some sheer hills, ride downhill and curve with 180ᵒ Coleman! You are simply going to be amazing! Just get out and have fun!

Pro Tips

Sharing a couple of pro tips to caution you. If you have any you might like to add on to this list; just share them in the comment section below.

· Wear the helmet it is actually going to save your life!

· No roads are super-smooth. Keep your eyes open for the cracks and stuff!

· Make sure you are financially secured; to meet your medical expenses if you dare to go without safety gears and fail to do it right!

· Also look out for the traffic. At first, place, don't perform on a busy road with traffic.

I have shared this tutorial so that you can know what you are doing and not just trying out your luck. Don't try anything on a guesswork and protective gears. Otherwise, you may end up in a hospital with severe injuries. Now that you know when, where and how to do it; don't waste your time just go out and slide! When you return, don't you forget to update me how it went... Also, if you have any tips or hacks to add to it, just share in the comment section below. I am eagerly waiting to hear from you. C'mon what are you waiting for? Grab your board and GO!!

"Hey, Buddy!! Be Safe!"
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I am Simon. Few years back life was boring and desperately needed to feel alive. I learnt longboarding! Now sharing my knowledge and experience to all who wants to be alive-and-kicking!

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