How to Remove Bearings of Skateboard

Bearings are the important equipment of skateboard wheels. Sometimes it needs to clean the bearings to get smooth riding. If you don’t clean the bearings regularly, it may get jammed and you won’t get better performance. And if you want to replace your wheels or bearings you must need to remove the bearings from the truck and wheels. If you want to remove the bearings, you can go to a nearly skateboarding shop. They have special tools to do this. Most of them provide this service without any charge. But, sometimes it is annoying to go to the shop for this simple task. So, if you don’t have enough idea about the bearings removing method of a skateboard, this article may help you to learn it because I’ve provided appropriate information in it.

Which tools should you need?

To remove the bearings all you need is a skate tool or a half-inch socket wrench. But a skate tool is better to do this job.

How can I remove the bearings from my longboard?

The method is very easy. Just follow the steps bellow to do it yourself

First: Remove the wheel

The bearing remains in the inner side of the wheel. So, you need to remove the wheels first. To do this, first remove the nuts from the outside of the wheels with the skate tool. Now pull out the wheel from the truck. Remove the spacers and keep them in a safe place.

Now: Hook the bearing on the truck axle

Place the wheel back loosely on a truck’s axle. Now hook the axle tip into the bearing. But don’t tighten the wheel, just place it on the axle.

Then: Slowly pry the bearings to remove

Now pry the wheel in a 45-degree angle slowly and gently. The bearing should come out of the wheel by only a gentle pry.

Finally: you’re done

That’s it. See, the process is very simple. Now do the same thing with the other bearings if you want to remove them. If you want to clear or replace the bearing, you can do it now.


Ø If you pry too hard, the bearing or wheel may get damaged.

Ø Don’t try it if you don’t have appropriate tools to do this job.

Ø Keep the nuts, washers and spacers in a safe place.

Ø If you feel any hesitation to do this, don’t try to do it yourself. Just go to the nearby skate shop to avoid damage.

Ø Don’t try it if you don’t have enough idea about the reassembling process.

How can I reassemble the bearing?

Well, it is better to know about the reassembling process of the bearings and wheels. Otherwise, you may get a mess with the removing parts and the bearings. So, let’s know about the reassembling process.

First: Install the bearing into the wheel

Set the bearing on the wheel and press the bearing to install it into the wheel. Don’t press on the center or the shield on the bearing. You’ve to press on the bearing’s edge.

Then: Place the washers and spacers

Install the washers and spacers in their places. If you don’t use them, skip this and follow the next step.

Now: Install the wheel in the truck axle

Install the wheel in the truck axle and place the lock nut at the end of the truck. Now, tighten it with the skate tool or socket wrench.

Done: you can start riding now

Repeat this processes with the remaining wheels and bearings. Completed? Ok, now place your board on the street and start riding.


Ø Place the bearings accurately to avoid damage.

Ø Don’t forget to install the washers and spacers if you use them.

Ø Don’t crank the nuts too hard. It may spoil your bearings.

Finally, the removing and installing process are very easy but a little bit risky. So, do it at your own risk. If you don’t want to take any risk, go to the nearby skate shop. Hope they wouldn’t demand any charge to do this for you. But, if you follow the steps accurately, you can do it yourself from your home without spoiling the bearings and wheels.

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