Skateboarding is becoming more popular over time. Nowadays, it seems to be more than a sport among almost all age of people. The level of challenges and the trend of skateboarding to new tricks, style have made it a new form of art. And when you determine to practice the new forms yourself, it becomes very risky unless you don’t have any preparation to protect yourself. Again, if you are in the learning step, it’s very important to ensure your proper protection.

There are numerous skateboard accessories available in the market which not only protect you from injuries but also enhance the skateboarding experience. The skateboard accessories also help in making the skateboard attractive and give the user a smarter ride.

Lots of companies are manufacturing skateboard accessories at a reasonable price. Keep in mind that, all of them aren’t mandatory, some are optional, but they actually increase the riding facilities. Here, I am going to introduce you with some popular accessories.

  • Skateboard logos and decals:

Skateboards logos and decals are available in different shapes, colors, sizes and used to decorate skateboard. You can also use a customized design based on your taste and personality and use it anywhere you wish. Some of the brands that offer skateboard logos are Black Label, Destructo, Baker, Alien Workshop, Bones etc.

  • Skate Tool:

Skate tool is an essential accessory that you need to ensure your personal safety. Before going to start riding, you must need to make sure that all the bolts, nuts and screws are placed properly. Because they have the chance to get loosened while riding.

What Skateboard Accessories Are Needed To Lighten Up Your Riding Style?
  • Bearing Lube:

Bearing lube is used for cleaning and lubricating the bearings. You need to use it in the nuts and bearings as they tighten, the wheels won’t be able to move freely that will hamper your smooth ride and hurt you. Again, you must have to keep the bolts and wheels free of rust. Regular maintenance keeps it long-lasting and prevents from getting damaged.

What Skateboard Accessories Are Needed To Lighten Up Your Riding Style?
  • Protective Gear:

Protective gear is must to protect yourself from minor accidents. Whenever you go to have a ride, be sure to check you’ve taken the protective gear. A skateboard protective gear includes helmet, gloves, ankle brace and skateboarding elbow pads. It helps a skater to get rid of cuts, abrasions, sprains and bruises.

  • Skateboard wax:

Skateboard wax is used to clean the board, keep it shining and maintain a good shape. It’s like car cleaning process. There are lots of wax are available in the market.

What Skateboard Accessories Are Needed To Lighten Up Your Riding Style?
  • Skateboard Apparel:

Dressing up in proper skateboard clothing is essential to have a comfortable ride and it also expresses your personality. Try to wear light and soft cloths to move easily. Skateboard apparel includes T-shirts, sweatshirts, skateboarding hats, jackets, trousers, shorts, etc. Some of the well-known brands Black Label, Destructo, Baker, Alien Workshop, Bones, Habitat, World Industries manufacture skateboard apparel.

  • Skateboard Paint:

Skateboard painting is to give an old skateboard a new look. If your skateboard loses its color, then you paint it yourself or get colored from any skateboard service provider. Painting a skateboard isn’t so much difficult task rather than buying a new one, I think. Moreover, you will get your old skateboard naturally colored. Again, many skaters prefer to paint their own design to have different get-up.

  • Skateboard Maintenance Accessories:

Maintenance of a skateboard is important to take care of your skateboard as well as protecting yourself from injuries. It also ensures you a good experience of smooth skateboarding. You may have not enough ability to buy a new one frequently, so you need to take care of your existing skateboard to have a long lasting support. Various skateboard maintenance materials are available in both local and online markets.


I think, skateboarding isn’t a compulsory task of your daily routine. It’s your passion. So, make it a little bit interesting to enjoy more. And, the skateboard accessories discussed above will give you another level of skateboard riding. Try to keep it in your collection to be a professional also.

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I am Simon. Few years back life was boring and desperately needed to feel alive. I learnt longboarding! Now sharing my knowledge and experience to all who wants to be alive-and-kicking!

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