A skatepark is a favorite place for skateboarders because they can enjoy the thrill of skateboarding here. There is a huge number of skateparks available in different countries. Only in the USA, more than 500 indoor and outdoor skateparks available to entertain skateboarders. There may be a question in your mind – “among all the skateparks in this world, which are the best? “If you read this article, you can get the answer. Because this article will tell you about ten best skateparks all over the world. So, let’s start reading.

1. SMP(Shanghai multimedia park) Skatepark, Shanghai, China

SMP skatepark launched on October 6, 2005, and it is the world’s largest skatepark till now. This 138,000 square foot outdoor skatepark is 2 times bigger than the 2nd largest skatepark in the world. This skatepark also contains worlds biggest vert ramp and concrete bowl. There is also an additional area for beginners, so you can go here for learning skating. A large number of skateboarders, BMX riders come here every day to enjoy their leisure time here.

Ten Best Skateparks in the World

Features: Handrails, Full Pipes, Hubbas, Bowls, and Stairs.

2. Black Pearl Skatepark, Grand harbor, Cayman Islands

This 62000 Skatepark is the largest skatepark in the western hemisphere and the second largest skatepark all over the world. This park has world's tallest Flow Barrel wave machine which suitable for both beginner and expert surfers. Park authority also provide training courses for beginners, intermediate and expert skaters. So, you can develop your riding skill from here. But this skatepark is a little bit expensive to enter. You’ve to spend 20$ for a day skating in this skatepark.

Ten Best Skateparks in the World

Features: Moguls, Handrails, Hips, Stairs, Bowls, Cradle, and Ledges.

3. Denver skatepark, Denver, Colorado

This 60000 sq ft skatepark contains bowls for every style and skill level. This challenging skatepark is suitable for skateboarders, bikers, and bladers from all levels and ages. Admission is totally free here and remains open 7 days a week. And the opening time is 5 am -11 pm every day.

Ten Best Skateparks in the World

Features: Ledges, Handrails, Bowls, Banks, Hips, Hubbas, Handrails, Pyramid, Euro gap, Bank to Wall, Humps, Bank to Ledges, Flatbars, Bumps

4. Lake Cunningham Regional Skate Park, San Jose, California, USA

It is the largest and most challenging skatepark of California. It covers a total area of 68000 sq ft along with the plain grounds. This skatepark has world’s largest cradle, full pipe, and tallest vert wall. Park authority also builds a wide number of terrain for all skill level and people of all ages. You can enjoy your riding with your skateboard, skate shoe and BMX bike here. Admission is not free here and the charge varies from ages.

Ten Best Skateparks in the World

Features: Banks, Bowls, Handrails, Ledges, Hips, Hubbas, Handrails, Pyramids, Cradle, Full Pipe, Humps, Vert Wall, Flat bars.

5. Stoke Plaza, Stoke-On-Trent, UK

It is one of the largest skate plazas in entire Europe. This 34000 sq ft skate plaza established in early 2005 and it costs about half million pounds to develop. It is totally an outdoor compound and contains a wide number of ledges, banks, handrails, Hubbas, and quarterpipes for skateboarders and BMX bikers.

Ten Best Skateparks in the World

Features: Steps, Ledges, Handrails, Banks, Quarterpipes, Hubbas.

6. Stapelbaddsparken Skatepark, Malmo, Sweden

This 32000 sq ft skatepark is situated at Malmo city of Sweden. It is a public skatepark and founded Bryggeriet, Malmo city, Stefan Hauser and his company placed to ride. It is a public skatepark and riding is totally free here. But the drawback is that this skatepark is only for skateboarding.

Ten Best Skateparks in the World

Features: Stairs, Quarterpipes, Cradle, Bowls, Hubbas.

7. Micropolis skatepark, Helsinki, Finland

If you don’t have decent knowledge about skateboarding, you may think that it is not a skatepark. Actually, it is college-type garden which is also designed for skateboarding. This skatepark is designed by famous local architect and pro skater Janne Sarrio in 2006. This 29000 sq ft skatepark is popular for its architectural design and the green natural environment.

Ten Best Skateparks in the World

8. Burnside skatepark, Portland, Oregon state, USA

This significant skatepark is situated under the Burnside bridge of portland. It is developed by few pro skaters of portland in 1990. It is a reputed skatepark and featured in various skate magazines and Tony Hawk magazines. It is a public skatepark and totally cost free to ride. It is a popular skatepark among all American skaters and recognized by all skaters through the world.

Ten Best Skateparks in the World

We couldn’t get the actual size of this skatepark. But it may be 20000-35000 sq ft.

Features: Hips, Bowls, Quarterpipes, Curved Tranny, Wallrides, Vert Wall.

9. Lincoln City Skatepark, Lincoln City, State of Oregon, USA

It is another oldest and largest skateparks in the USA. This skatepark is built by a private company named Dreamland Skateparks. This skatepark is divided into five different sections and its total area is more than 20000 sq ft and it is increasing. Dreamland skateparks also launched a new section in this skatepark named “The Snake Run”. It is a growing skatepark till its starting period and it becoming bigger and better day by day.

Ten Best Skateparks in the World

Features: Transitions, Bowls, Hips, Over-Vert Cradle, Bumps, Quarterpipes, Wallrides.

10. Marseille skatepark, Marseille, France

It is another largest skatepark in entire Europe and the largest skatepark in France. It is an old-school skatepark which contains few multiple bowls. But its most interesting feature is that the whole skatepark is decorated with colorful graphics. This skatepark is totally a public place and free to ride.

Ten Best Skateparks in the World

Features: Bowls.

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