Trick tips for longboard rider

Hello, everyone!!! Hope you are spending an enjoyable time with your longboard. After completing the beginning riding task, hope you are able to move your longboard smoothly with better control. But, the great joy is still remaining. Yes, I know that you’re trying to do tricks with your longboard. So, c’mon guys, let’s learn few longboarding trick tips to make your riding time more thrilling and enjoyable.

A caution for everyone

Trick tips for longboard rider

Dude, in our every article we suggest you to take a look after your safety because a large number of rider get injured every day for longboarding/skateboarding. And, most accidents happen for riding without protective gears. So, please take care to your safety and don’t ride without the protective gears especially the helmet.

And, doing tricks are riskier than general riding so I am highly requesting all of you to wear safety gears if you gonna do tricks with your longboard.

Let’s start our tricky journey

There are so many tricks to do with a longboard. Few of them are easy to do at the beginning level. And rest are for intermediate and expert riders. So, don’t try to practice any hard trick unless you can pass the beginning level of longboarding to avoid any accident and breaking your longboard.

All at a glance

Dance tricks:

a. Cross step.

b. Ghost ride.

c. Peter pan.

Slide tricks:


a. Blunt slide.

b. Slide shuv out.

c. Coleman slide.

d. Sitdown 180.

e. Sitdown.

f. Stand up 180.

g. No comply 180.

h. Sit down grab.

i. Stand up.


a. Stand up.

b. Blunt slide.

c. Slide shuv out.

d. Speed slide.

e. Stand up 180.

Combo tricks:

a. Cassanova.

b. Cross step to shove it.

c. Ghostride nose manual.

d. Ghostride shove it.

e. Nose manual shove it out.

Shove it and pivot:

a. Big spin.

b. Backside pivot.

c. Backside shove it.

d. Pivot.

e. Pivot 540.

f. Pop shove it.

g. Shove it.

h. Shove it cross foot landing.

i. Slide shove it.

j. Swedish shove it.


a. Boneless 180.

b. Ghostride kickflip.

c. Ghostride kickflip body varial.

d. G-Turn.

e. No comply.

f. Nose manual.

g. One foot nose manual.

h. Old school kickflip.

i. Swedish nose manual.

j. Tiger claw.

k. Truckstand.

l. Tiger claw 540 body varial.

So, what do you think? Is it possible to cover all the tricks in a single article? There is a large number of longboard tricks. If you want to learn all of them, you need to practice regularly by giving more attention and dedication to longboarding.

Let’s learn few easy trick

From the large list of longboard tricks, I’ve selected three tricks which is suitable for beginners and very easy to learn. And, you’ll need a little practice to learn them. So, skate your eyes bellow to learn them.

Cross step:

Trick tips for longboard rider

It is a simple dancing trick and very easy to do. You need to move your legs by crossing each other.

Step 1: Place your back foot on the bolt and front foot in the center or near the nose.

Step 2: Touch your rear foot with the front foot at a 45 to 60-degree angle. Hold your weight onto the front foot.

Step 3: Move rear foot around your front foot and ends up behind front foot. Replace your body weight onto the rear foot.

Step 4: Now, move back foot around your front foot and stop close to the bolts.

Step 5: Your back foot gets back to its original place and the trick completed. Now, you can start from the first step to do it again.

Video tutorial:

Back side Pivot:

Trick tips for longboard rider

It is an 180-degree backside turn on the front wheels and the process is:

Step 1: Place your back foot on the center and front and front foot on the nose.

Step 2: Start turning your frame by facing your head through the direction of your turning.

Step 3: Raise the rear wheels by slightly shifting your weight to the front foot. Assist the turning motion by using your legs.

Step 4: At the end of turning, transfer some weight to the new leg which is leading you now.

Video tutorial:

Tiger Claw:

Trick tips for longboard rider

It is a classic freestyle trick and easy to do on a longboard. You can do this trick easily by following the steps bellow:

Step 1: Place your back foot on the tail and the front foot on the middle of the deck at a little angle.

Step 2: Slightly turn your body to the front side by moving your front leg and use your back foot to do a snap. By this process, your board will fly up from the front side.

Step 3: Now catch the board near the trucks with your front hand by placing your thumb on the upside of the deck and rest fingers on the bellow.

Step 4: Spin the board with your front hand under the truck and bring it down by a wrist motion.

Step 5: Place your foot on the board again by jumping on it when it lands on the ground.

Video tutorial:

That’s all for you in this article. Promise you that I’ll come with more trick tips very soon. Till then, keep practicing those three tricks. So, bye for now. Love you guys!!!

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